Who we are

Ghawi Group was started by my wife, Miriah Ghawi, and myself, Roget Ghawi. Having worked in the construction industry, we saw that general contractors and construction businesses haven't been able to utilize the full potential of technology to grow their business. This was either because they were too busy with the day to day or navigating the new tools available was too difficult. Our mission is to help general contractors & construction businesses grow by advertising their work to a larger audience.

Who we serve?

We only serve general contractors and businesses in construction because we believe that to do an exceptional job, we need to specialize in understanding and solving the unique challenges of one industry.

We have our ears to the ground and are constantly looking for ways to better serve your businesses. If you have any ideas that we can act on to better serve you, please. I'd love to hear from you.

- Roget Ghawi

Roget Ghawi

Founder & Website developer